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Able Rubbish Removals is the number one choice for residential demolition in the Canberra region.

Our highly qualified team has the skills, tools and experience to get any demolition job done efficiently and safely. We treat all jobs with passion, courtesy and professionalism.

We are proud of our reputation as honest, reliable and dependable professionals. We believe in providing great customer service to give our customers peace of mind.

No residential demolition job is too big or too small for Able Rubbish Removals. We take on demolitions of all shapes and sizes, from small freestanding building to large multi-storey houses.

We use the best equipment and highly qualified demolition experts to deliver high quality residential demolition services. We strive to minimise collateral damage and take care of recycling or waste disposal needs.


At Able Rubbish Removals, we possess the best equipment and experts to conduct flawless demolition of residential properties. We ensure minimal collateral damage and implement proper recycling strategies for the remaining disposable items. Our Service includes:

  • Demolition and strip-out work
  • Structural Propping
  • Protection of Property Assets
  • Recycling of disposable items
  • Waste clearance


Our mission is safety first.Your safety is our number one priority. We always use the appropriate equipment and maintain our tools to high standards.

Our team are proven experts. We have a highly experienced and qualified team of professionals who are well trained in residential demolition. Our focus on safety and quality is second to none.

We make great customer service a priority.We pride ourselves on being reliable, responsive and professional to ensure our customers’ satisfaction.

Our immaculate strategies, reliable equipment, well trained professionals and satisfied customers make us the true blue residential demolition service in the ACT region.

Residential Demolition is a matter concerning acute precision and you must choose the right company to handle it.

One of our greatest accomplishments is that we are considered one of the best when it comes to residential demolition in Canberra – and this is something that doesn’t come overnight! With years of experience and qualified professionals working for us, you can be sure that your trust is well-reciprocated through our service.

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They were responsive, prompt & well qualified.Highly recommend these guys!


We couldnt have been happier with the work done. On time and done in the time he stated. Perfect !!

Kim Lunel

These guys were great! On time and very helpful. Able Rubbish Removals are extremely professional and reliable and I have no recitation in recommending him to anyone.


It’s essential to choose the right team to handle residential demolition. Able Rubbish Removals have a proven track record of delivering safe, high quality and affordable demolitions in the Canberra region.

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